Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thing # 11

Well, this tigger just got excited about organizing all her books found in numerous shelves, boxes, as well as stacks in both her humble abode and work place. One possible use I believe this will solve is to whom I loan my books. I added my first seven titles in just a quick little bounce. Thank you coaches for placing this "Thing" on the list of 23!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thing # 10

Hot Dog!!! Bouncing through the Discovery Resources was as comfortable as being in the Hundred Acre Woods with Christopher Robin. This Tigger had FUN, FUN, FUN! Playing and creating is right up my pathway. These tools and little diddies would definitely be used in some of my future add some interest and get a point across in a humorous way. Thankx!

Well, hope you enjoy the comic picture...I guess you could call it a self portrait.

Thing # 9

Well the spring is not feeling as sprung out as Thing #8. I enjoyed the Blogline Search tool. In fact, I made the comment that I wished I had started with Blogline first...before Google Reader. I thoroughly enjoyed the Cool Cat Teacher blog. As I continued bouncing along I discovered Teaching and enjoyed the first article, "50 Must - Read Up and Coming Blogs by Teachers"...written by Christina Laun. On Bloglines I did a search for quotes and to my surprise up popped 3,160 posts...many were about quotes/rates for a products. I had a quick lesson on being very clear on knowing what you want and saying what you mean. Upon typing in "famous quotes...only 194 posts came up. :-) I discovered Quote of the Day. with a postings from yesterday.

Edublogs' award winners was interesting. The Top Cat Teacher blog was one of the nominees for the award. I enjoyed exploring did not sign of yet. I did not like springing onto the was a bit more confusing and more than I was ready to bite off at this time.

Searching Spring Branch ISD was not what I expected...first to see a Board Member's blog, but the most amazing thing was down five or six links that was posted by iphone Blue-Parrot-bluetooth-headset information superblog. There was information about SBISD going LAN wireless. What a small world in which we live!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thing # 8

WaaHoo! After reading other player's posts about RSS I was looking forward to bouncing through Thing # 8 and learn about Really Simple Syndication. The video was just plain easy to understand...even for this Tigger. Then it came time to create my free account on Google Reader...seemed easy enough. Adding at least 5 blog sites...well, I think I did that correctly. My selections for sites were as follows: FUN-Quotes of the Day NEWS-BBC News/Newfront, Chronicle,, Google News PSYCHOLOGY-"Cognitive Daily". I did not feel successful in locating Google Blog Search...guess I need some coaching ...along with making reader list public. I did selected to share some quotes that I enjoyed from my new found quote site and I went to the shared page to see what I had created and feelings galore ran through this Tigger's fur. I was most uncomfortable seeing my full name plastered at the top of the page stating that these were quotes I wanted to share with everybody...not just my playground buddies. Knowing that my thoughts were being carved into "cyber-foreverness" did not sit well with this Tigger. I know that the feelings of sharing my inner thoughts and personal feelings to all will be a personal struggle to work through...along with having my name out there also! TTFN

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thing # 7

Google, Google, Google...what fun tools (or should I say toys) that are offered. The calendar offers tremendous possibilities between myself, friends, former co-workers, and most importantly my mom to schedule time together and post other events.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I collect quotes. Going through the research area I located, one book, "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations" as well as Einstein's Quotes, with one of my favorite of Einstein: "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." (Sign hanging in Einstein's office at Princeton).

While bouncing through the areas offered by Google, I made the decision the I liked Flickr better than Picasso. I am springing onto "Thing #8". TTFN!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thing # 6

This was another fun site to bounce around in and explore. One thing that amazed me while going through the pictures in Flickr(Thing 5)was the mosaic photos. During "Thing 6" I saw how the mosaic look was created with photos of one's choice. I can envision many uses for the mosaic pictures...such as having students create their own memory book of their school life throughout the year with photos.
Another great idea found by this tigger while reading about Mashups duh, what student would not get enthusiastic about creating their own trading cards? Lastly, being one who collects quotes, I found the following quote while reading about"colr pickr" and I hope you enjoy it as well:

"To those that question the utility of this little
application, let me point out that it is a toy -- like all
the stuff on my website. Its purpose is simply to
provide wonder and delight. Nothing more, nothing
less. Isn't that enough? --jbum"

This site accomplished its purpose...I was filled with wonder and delight. TTFN

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thing # 5

Things around my home in the 100 Acre Woods are finally returning to "normal" so it is back to the playground to kick up my heels and play. Doing what Tigger does best, I bounced all over flickr enjoying myself to the tune of several hours exploring new uncharted territories. Waahoo! I was stunned to learn that a miniature version of the Statue of Liberty faces Puget Sound on Alki Beach in Seattle, Washington. This tidbit of knowledge was picked up on "Trinty's photostream". Under flickr...Explore Tags, I was impressed with the number of Daily and Weekly Tags named. I saw potential for students in one class communicating with students in another class in a different locale with flickr photos in real time using photophlow. As for me, posting a picture from my adventures in flickr-land...well, I found it difficult to select just one since there were so many that touched on my personal interests of full moons, sunrises, sunsets, waterfalls, artistic expression along with colors and of course being the Christmas elf that I am...the Ho Ho Ho season! I am certain this Tigger will return to flickr for my professional and personal use in the future.