Tuesday, June 29, 2010

11.5 - Thing 1

Exciting….you bet!! The 21st Century Student has much to offer… to their teacher(s) and to other students around the world. These students are able to surf places that most educators did not have the luxury to view while they were in school due to lack of access. The importance of this type of learning is to generate the opportunity to create interactive thinkers… rather than have students hunt, memorize, and do the miserable act of regurgitating the facts on command by the educator. Yesterday, I heard an idea from a Keynote speaker, Alan November, who stated on the first day of school we as teachers need to state that we need the student’s help because we do not know everything. Empowering the students to take action and giving them the opportunity to take ownership in their own learning along with the teacher creates an environment where the teacher can facilitate the learning process for the students…rather than evaluate the child’s ability to spout back information. I enjoyed the newly defined “teacher” roles described by the video… especially the role of the one to offer guidance when the student gets stuck. What this means is that the educator, this includes librarians, must also become 21st Century Teachers.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thing # 21 yet again

I have typed in the http link that I thought I pulled up from my switchpod, but for some reason it will not post on my blog. I have called a friend to get extra help on doing this project and it is still not working. My frustration level is high and time is running out and I am at a loss of what to do! Anyone with ideas, please help.

Thing # 21 again!!!

Thing # 21 cont.

I found this music in the sample section on my computer, since I have not downloaded any music to my computer. This is my second attempt...my fingers and paws are crossed!

'Thing # 21"

Yikes! I do not own or have access to a digital camera or video type equipment. Everything in this "Thing" was read word for word, but frustration is what I am currently feeling because I can not figure out what I need to do and where to send items to follow a pathway back to completing and writing a successful blog posting. I want to graduate from this course with the full 18 hours.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing # 23

Question #1 - *7 1/2 Habits, *Yahoo Avatar, *Receiving my invitation to come play on the playground, *exploring flickr, *image generator, *libraries of the future, *organizing my personal and educational books (200 for free)

Question #2 - *set a learning contract with myself & overcome numerous obstacles, *boosted my confidence in taking an online course

Question #3 - Yes, that I control the computer...not vice versa (you would understand this statement if you knew me well)

Question #4 - *have a "help line" the old fashion voice to voice way...there were times I wondered if anyone other than myself was out there...I noticed this comment expressed when reading other blogs of those I did not know - sometimes questions were asked and no answers came, *list some prerequisites needed or materials needed before getting into a "Thing" and/or reading something was needed ie - for Thing #21,
*offer portable printers to those who make it to the playground - there is so much to read and it is difficult to start to work on a "Thing" and needed to go back to "reread" how to do something while experimenting or writing on a blog.

Question #5 - Yes, but I am not sure I could mentor anyone if that was an option - except for some of my favorite items.

Question #6 - "You can teach an old dog new tricks."

Question #7 - I hope others continue to read their blogs - for I have taken the time to read and respond to players that I do not know...rather than lurking

Thank you to each of you who put in the long hours to create this experience...for I know the long hours I put into the work...this could be compared to a graduate course.

Thing # 22

Nings...upon browsing the link, "Ning for Teachers" I had a familiar feeling. I saw teacher discussions for same grade levels, book sales, new teacher discussions, etc... this reminded me of a large teacher's lounge. As with any area for teachers to convene the location as well as the conversations are only as good and meaningful as the individuals who speak or in this case post or join one of these social networks. If professionalism continues then a ning could play a valuable part in the future world of education.