Friday, June 27, 2008

Thing # 4's on the playground we go!!! A lesson learned...I discovered I had given an incorrect e-mail address while creating my blog. This action hindered me from making comments on other player's blogs, but it's all fixed now so I am ready to "spring" into action cause that's what Tigger does best!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Thing # 2 of 23"

This is a new addition since I don't know what happened to my original posting of Thing # 2.

The 7 1/2 Habits was enjoyable reading and encouraging for Successful Lifelong Learners. Currently, I feel like I am taking a drink out of a fire hydrant with all the new technology knowledge "bouncing" my way. "My Learning Contract" has been helpful to set my goals in to find the time!!! I hope my blog with my first entry is out there in cyberspace for me to find!!!

Thing # 3

Well...this Tigger on mars has lost her stripes...and has had her hair turn gray during this process of "Thing # 2 & 3"!!!
  1. To begin...Tigger sprung (slowly) into action and created this blog. The directions in creating a blog were somewhat simple to follow for one with very little brain...wait that is Pooh Bear not Tigger. Anyway, my blog followed Tigger and landed on mars...being somewhat lost in cyberspace.
  2. Thanks to the "lost in cyberspace" chat Tigger found the way back to the blog and discovered that my "Thing # 2" is posted elsewhere playing hide and seek....which I will begin the search soon and hopefully cut and paste it into this blog.
  3. Creating the Yahoo account was VERY to the personal questions that were needed in order to move on to avatar. I did not like giving out my personal information.
  4. Avatar was a fun playground to bounce around in until after a few saves to my favorites I could no longer save items to my favorite...still curious as to why. Anyone have any advice? The fun was creating my looks, the look I would like to have...and of course the gray hair needed when finished...spent lots of time looking.
  5. SUGGESTION/IDEA - it would be nice to have to know who to contact (via phone) when there are problems, concerns, or maybe even successes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finally...this blog is created!!!

Being the rule follower that I am...I have read EVERY link that I came across...and have finished "Thing #3"....(WAHOO) I hope! I am exhausted...this "new adventure" for life long learning can take the bounce out of anyone and has certainly "bounced" me out of my comfort zone!!! What is this thing I hear about creating a person on Avatar???