Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing # 23

Question #1 - *7 1/2 Habits, *Yahoo Avatar, *Receiving my invitation to come play on the playground, *exploring flickr, *image generator, *libraries of the future, *organizing my personal and educational books (200 for free)

Question #2 - *set a learning contract with myself & overcome numerous obstacles, *boosted my confidence in taking an online course

Question #3 - Yes, that I control the computer...not vice versa (you would understand this statement if you knew me well)

Question #4 - *have a "help line" the old fashion voice to voice way...there were times I wondered if anyone other than myself was out there...I noticed this comment expressed when reading other blogs of those I did not know - sometimes questions were asked and no answers came, *list some prerequisites needed or materials needed before getting into a "Thing" and/or reading something was needed ie - for Thing #21,
*offer portable printers to those who make it to the playground - there is so much to read and it is difficult to start to work on a "Thing" and needed to go back to "reread" how to do something while experimenting or writing on a blog.

Question #5 - Yes, but I am not sure I could mentor anyone if that was an option - except for some of my favorite items.

Question #6 - "You can teach an old dog new tricks."

Question #7 - I hope others continue to read their blogs - for I have taken the time to read and respond to players that I do not know...rather than lurking

Thank you to each of you who put in the long hours to create this experience...for I know the long hours I put into the work...this could be compared to a graduate course.

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Ms.Bojangles said...

Tigger, I am so proud of you for hanging in there and completing the 23 things course. You can now enjoy this "blustery day" in the hundred-acre wood in Houston. Loved having you celebrate the 2nd annual Pink Flamingo with us.