Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thing # 14

There are so many things to learn in Web 2.0...first following directions. :-) I entered School Library Learning 2.0 into the search box and yes, blogs and posts were found. It seems the post had fans with little to no "authorities" whereas, blogs appeared to have authority listings. The number for blog posts and tags were somewhat different when I added the apostrophes around the search words. One blog that I read from someone in Florida (I think) who was participating in Library2play mentioned WebTools4U2Use. This link sounded interesting and perhaps another place to a later time.

Perhaps the following words from states what many librarians may think, "Tagging is actually another one of those librarian functions that now everyone is doing. We didn't call it tagging - we called it cataloguing. So, now it is just a tad bit easier and with out all the rules that we had to learn to catalogue - but then with tagging - the cataloguing is only as good as the tags that people use."

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