Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thing # 12

The Discovery Activities...really kept me bouncing all over the place. The first three blogs were interesting and seemed to express some plain and simple common sense ideas. I had to chuckle while reading Cool Cat's blog because during my years in education I have found that MANY educator's are afraid of sharing their special secrets and/or tricks-of-their-trade. The reading ease of Brown Thoughts (The Ten Commandments of Blog Commenting) and ProBlogger (Ten Techniques)were inviting and straight to the point, which was a welcomed relief with all the reading required during Library2play.

The blogs that I selected to post were chosen because of their blog name in our playground. At this time, I do not feel ready to leave the comfort of our playground ...I guess I am still a "Lurker" as some stated earlier. I think the time will come (after this class) when I will go out into the big world and have some chats with other bloggers. I feel like I have sprung into a new world with Web.2...and certainly have a concern since I have already heard that Web.3 is up and ready.

Wikipedia indicated that "the collective community of all blogs is known as the blogsphere". In addition, it continued with "a collection of local blogs is sometimes referred to as a bloghood". It is difficult to wrap this tigger's mind around the thought of our "playground" as a bloghood!

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VWB said...

I personally prefer neighborhood or community or circle of influence.