Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing # 18

Wahoo! Finally, completing this portion was soooo much easier than my experience with Thing # 17. I opted to download and explore which was most interesting. I thought that the first pages before one downloads were clean and crisp looking with the blue and white (perhaps I misinterpreted this for smooth and easy). OK...this Tigger was ready to bounce eagerly into new territory by downloading. The message flashed on the screen indicated that it would take 19 minutes and some odd seconds to download. After waiting the full time another screen popped up with the message that this site could not be verified and sites not verified could contain a virus...did I still want to run it. I hit the "no" button and immediately went to Google Docs. It was like coming home!

Disadvantages: unknown providers, time consuming to download, possible virus, have to register
Advantages: Google Docs was similar to Microsoft, easy to do document, easy to save document, no download time

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